Blue nails with 2 new colours!

5 November 2010

Might that you had read earlier, we thought of moving to blogging in English. After thinking and ask for opinions from others, we decided that we just give it a try.

I had promised you before that I would blog any changes with my nails and the colours. This week I started on Sunday to colour my nails in a light blue paint of H&M. What I've never seen on the jar; was there was a sticker with You must have this on it LOL.
At work many customers did liked my colour and most of them asked me if I coloured it for the logo (colour) of the company? My answer was clear NO!

Yesterday I bought two nice colours of the H&M the pink called: Summer Coral and the grey one Grey Sky. I will be painting my nails in one of these colours, which it would be? You will see that next week or maybe earlier..

XoXo from Hazal

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