21 February 2012

How much money do you spend every month for buying clothes and stuff like that? :)
It really depend on how busy we are, 50 till 200 euros max. Cana gives a lot of money on healthy vitamins.
Hazal is still on Shop diet and if she past it, she haven’t shop in two months (and that’s a lot!)

What do you do for a living?
We both are studying, and next to our study we work together for years in the same store.
We almost do everything together haha;)

How old are both of you?

Hazal is 19 and Cana is 21.

Where would you like to live?
There are many places in the world to live, like New York or London. But home is really in Amsterdam.

If you had to chose just one designer to dress you for your whole life. Who would be?
That’s a very difficult question. Taste grows very fast, years ago we liked to dress in many known brands and now we don’t like brand a lot.
It’s hard to call one designer…

What is your favourite local shop?
H&M, H&M and H&M. You can’t find so many nice clothes for a great price!

What is one thing in your closet you cannot live without?

H: Blazer, every woman need to have a great blazer
C: A nice pair of shoes, to combined every kind of outfit and give the best touch with it.

Who of you both came with the idea to blog?

Favorite designer?
International: Alexander Mcqueen - National: Iris van Herpen

What is your favourite book ?
H: A Dutch one: De garnalenpelster or Alleen nette mensen (not fashion related)
C: A Thousand Splendid Suns (not fashion related)

What is your favorite hotspot?
De Drie Graefjes ofcourse, we always go there for the best sandwich or delicious piece of pie.
A while ago we went to the IJ-hallen alot, now we think it's commercial... We just made it populair;)

What is your biggest dream with this blog ?
To make SAS a bigger blog than it is right now. We think every blogger want to make his/her blog bigger than it already is.

We really hope you like the Q&A as much as we did!


  1. Great post dear. I would love to answer some questions too LOL

  2. super leuk om te lezen meiden!!
    super leuk gedaan!


    New post up ; Photoshoot

  3. great "interview"! love your blog!


  4. Hele interessante interview, leuke antwoorden!


  5. Aah superleuk dit!

    xo kimberley

  6. loving the interview.. agree with H&M tho


  7. just came across your blog and i wanted to say i really love your styles :)



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