1 June 2012

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Last week a friend of mine asked me to be an ‘empower woman’ for Shake the World, what did that mean? Shake the World is an organization that stand for people in Africa. They have eight goals linked to eight bracelets. The third goal is gender equality. That stands for "power women" stand up for women's rights and equality between men and women. They want to grow awareness for this millennium. They make people aware that there is still much work to this millennium goal. In many countries, even before the woman as inferior.
Shake the World tries people to be here aware of it. To show that for gender equality, you can wear a bracelet that stands for this purpose. The colour of the bracelet is orange and can be worn by both men and women. Each of the targets 8 has a different colour bracelet.
For €2,25 (including shipping) you can order a bracelet to stand for these women. You convert it with a Starbucks coffee and with that money of a coffee you can buy two bracelets! The revenues of the bracelet are going to women in Africa to get a fair price (fair trade) for those woman who are making these bracelets.
So to order this beautiful bracelet please contact ‘cause for €2,25 you will help people in Africa. To see more about Shake the World, please visit their website!

XoXo from H

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  1. Mooi armbandje en goed dat je hier aandacht aan besteed.

    1. Inderdaad, het is wat anders dan mode, maar een goede doel wil ik steunen!

  2. I love it!

  3. Great initiative :)

    - Laura

  4. That is really interesting, but one thing I'm always wondering about is that there are so many organizations that help Africa, but I haven't heard that anything really changed out there. It makes me sad, that we never know where our money really goes.

    1. I know what you mean, but there are also a lot of people in Africa. With the most organization you can see on their website what they did whit the money they raised for those people and a lot of them can go to school or have clean water:)!

  5. Gaaf en goed dat je hier een post aan wijdt :)!
    Mooi goed doel is het.

  6. Heel goed!


  7. perfect watch!



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