21 February 2013

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Pictures: private

A lot of you know we love our city and we get a lot of questions where we live etc. Now we love our privacy, so we won't tell you in which in street we are living. We live in the East side of Amsterdam at home with our parents. Why pay 600 euros every month for an inie-minie room in the middle of nowhere, when you could have a place for free? With food, love and free laundry in the perfect city of Amsterdam? That's right, happily home.

We won't show you our whole house, because we don't live there alone. So we show you the detail of our room. 1. our old (15 years) lamp - 2. the pretty books corner - 3. vintage camera - 4. a part of our jewelry corner (even we leave our jewelry in every room haha - 5. candles - 6. light - 7. closet - 8. our canvas pictures of us which is taken close to the time when sas started...


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  1. Heel erg mooie details! :) Toffe stijl.

  2. Nice ladies! Love the bookcorner & the vintage camera! En hoe origineel om een krantenartikel op canvas te laten drukken, leuk...

    X Marjolein - Never Too

  3. Leuke foto's! Dat boek van The Starorialist staat ook nog steeds op mijn wishlist:)

    xx Laura

  4. hele leuke foto's! dat boek wil ik ook nog steeds!


  5. Gorgeous photos! Very chic blog.

    xo Meg
    xo Meg<3

  6. Leuke foto's en dat boek wil ook nog steeds :)!

    X Laura

  7. Mooie foto's! erg leuk ook die laatse ^_^


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