RANDOM 26042013

25 April 2013

 photo IMG_3689_zpsd107d31d.jpg photo IMG_4700_zpsbdeab0d1.jpg photo IMG_4751_zps6c7c697b.jpg photo IMG_3963_zpsa802ff8d.jpg photo IMG_4283_zpscd95967e.jpg photo IMG_4281_zps3b7eaf64.jpg photo IMG_4911-1_zps44c74dba.jpg photo cloe_zps8168aa88.jpg photo IMG_4924_zps4daf33a6.jpg

Some photos don't make it on the blog. They don't fit the in (outfit) post and most of them still are on our laptop. It has been a long time since our last random post, sorry guys. We know a lot of people that liked our random post because it was more than fashion. Now it's getting warmer we can make more photos of things so that a good thing. For now we have some photos of us, how Hazal look when she's Instragramming haha, friends, amsterdam and the birthday parties, the lamps of Anna Scott and the couch of So PR.


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